About Gelo

If you like laughing, you're reading the right website.

Gelo work with businesses, community groups, councils, festivals and anyone else who needs a laugh to deliver
 entertainment, programming and funny options to over 250 clients every year.

Gelo are the exclusive WA partners for some of your favourite comedy bookings - with award winning results!
These include

  • Bogan Bingo
  • Famous Sharron
  • The Big HOO-HAA!
  • DIY Comedy Workshops
  • Co-presenting Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Class Clowns

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Meet the team 

Bonnie Davies - Director

Much like every Director, Bonnie Davies takes charge, provides direction and has a chair with her name on the back (she wishes..) She’s also a multi-award winning producer, arts manager and comedian. With over a decades experience in production, promotion and programming in the arts scene, she worked across a range of organisations. These include City of Swan, AWESOME Arts Australia, WAM, Altered State (Big Day Out), Shani Wood Events (Red Bull Air Race), pvi collective, Blast Theory (UK), ArtsAdmin (UK), Comedy Lounge and CIA Studios.

 During her time at City of Swan, she developed key partnerships, mentoring structures and increased turnover by over 200%. Not staff turnover, the good kind. And her team from Hyper Festival won 5 awards (including an almighty ABaF) for the partnership between Midland Gate Shopping Centre and City of Swan. 

 After all this carry on, she then started The Gelo Company and committed herself to bringing more laughter into the world.

 Performance wise, she’s pretty legit with several Fringe nominations and a few wins. And as a producer has received comedy awards from local industry for her partnerships and promotions of the local scene.

 She also has an alter ego and comedy character Famous Sharron. And even though Sharron is famous for nothing at all, she’s managed to steal the local and national spotlight away from Bonnie - including various sellout Fringe seasons, regional and national tours, more media appearances than you can shake a feather boa at, as well taking out ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ in 2014 and Best WA Children's Event in 2016.

 No hard feelings, Bonnie’s not jealous, she's got a company to run. She work hard for da money.

Rosie Kingdom-Barron - Program Captain

Rosie has been working with Gelo since 2013. She has managed and booked regular events for Gelo across WA, worked on the Bogan Bingo partnership and has now been promoted to Producer for the company. Don’t be fooled by her cheery demeanour she is straight up gangsta when it comes to arts management, and coincidentally knows the lyrics to most underground rap hits.

She has coordinated multiple projects, like a boss, including Gelo’s FRINGE WORLD program (Second Runner Up for Independent Program Award 2015) and interstate touring.

Since graduating from Arts Management at WAAPA in 2012, Rosie has had a range of administrative roles in the local arts community. She also currently works at live music venue The Bird as their Programming Coordinator. She is the only worker at Gelo to write a love poem to a task management software company and be allowed to steal chicken nuggets from Eliza.

Sarah Walker – Bookings Coordinator

Sarah is the newest Gelo core staff member, stepping into a newly created role as Bookings Coordinator early 2016. In merely 3 months, she has brought all Gelo’s exclusive event partners under her wing (apart from Famous Sharron - Bonnie and Shaz seem weirdly attached) & has been nailing the bookings and the coordinating like a pro-fesh.  In addition to the current gigs, she’s helping build up Craptastic Trivia from an idea to a real life thing, and some other made-up fun in the pipelines.

Sarah had various aspirations as a child: doing pottery, becoming an actor or a drama teacher.
In real life, she’s done: commercial sales, management, sold tea at T2, assisted WA artist Di Taylor and studied Arts Management at WAAPA. One thing is for certain - she has a great approach to life – to laugh and make her kids laugh.

After a hiatus from the arts (fair cop) she made it a goal to jump back into the fray in 2016, now here she is, and it couldn’t have been more of a score for Gelo. Sarah has the most infectious laugh in town, and not only talks the talk but can walk the walker. Ladies and gentle folk give it up for Ms Walker!