We bring the funny

The Gelo Company

Gelo only deal in solid gold, and we deliver. 
We have worked with thousands of happy clients from Albany to Port Hedland*, and everywhere in between.
The word 'gelo' comes from the word 'gelos' which means laughter, and we think the world needs more**  of it.
We offer entertainment, professional development options and programs to engage with your community.

* we have gone further than this, but we're sticking to names you'll recognise.
** we also think the world needs more pancakes, but other people do them better.


When you want something funny to make your event memorable. 

The Big HOO-HAA!


When you want to engage your team and get them laughing while they learn.



When you want to connect your community and build it's capacity.

Class Clowns in WA

Years of experience