Meet the team 

Bonnie Davies - Director / Captain 

Much like every good Captain, Bonnie Davies takes charge, provides direction for the company and only answers to 'Captain my Captain'.

She’s also a multi-award winning as a producer, arts manager and comedian. With over fourteen years experience in production, promotion and programming in the arts scene - including Big Day Out, Red Bull Air Race, City of Swan, AWESOME Arts Australia, WAM, pvi collective, Blast Theory (UK), ArtsAdmin (UK), Comedy Lounge and CIA Studios.

During her time at City of Swan, she developed key partnerships, mentoring structures and increased turnover by over 200%. Not staff turnover, the good kind. And her team from Hyper Festival won 5 awards (including an almighty ABaF).

After all this carry on, she then started The Gelo Company and committed herself to bringing more laughter to the world, using words, not tickling.

Performance wise, she’s pretty legit with several award nominations and a few wins. As a producer has received comedy awards from local industry for her partnerships and promotions of the local scene.

She also has an alter ego - Famous Sharron. Even though Sharron is famous for nothing at all, she’s managed to steal the local and national spotlight away from Bonnie - including various FRINGE WORLD sellout seasons, regional tours, Melbourne International Comedy Festival & Sydney Comedy Festival seasons, more media appearances than you can shake a feather boa at, as well taking out ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ in 2014, Best WA Children's Event in 2016 and Best Promotions - Bike Week WA 2017. 

 No hard feelings, Bonnie’s not jealous, she's got a company to run. She work hard for da money.

Rosie Kingdom-Barron - Programming / Navigator 

As Bonnie's first employee for Gelo in 2013, Rosie has worked in a range of roles. She kicked off doing any admin tasks Bonnie could delegate to her as a fresh-out-of-uni kinda flower. She has since then grown with the company, working on booking partnerships such as Bogan Bingo, producing MICF and Sydney Comedy Festival shows for Famous Sharron and coordinating short term projects that pop up from time to time.

She is most comfy when seated in the navigator chair - working on programming and overseeing the direction of a project. Such programs have included booking comedy venues over the past four FRINGE WORLD seasons (which included Second Runner Up in the Independent Venue Award 2015) and the more recent Class Clowns teen comedy program in partnership with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

Don’t be fooled by her cheery demeanour she is straight up gangsta when it comes to arts management, and knows the lyrics to most underground rap tracks.

Background wise - since graduating from a BA in Arts Management in 2012, Rosie has had a range of administrative and producing roles in the local arts community. She developed the live music program at local venue The Bird since 2013, and currently works across a range of projects including through her freelance project Mummy's Plastic. 

She is the only worker at Gelo to write a love poem to a task management software company.

Vince Cargeeg – Bookings / Boatswain 

If the Gelo team is a tight-knit crew, then our bookings are the boat, and Vince takes care of every aspect of ‘em. We first lured him in with a short term contract towards the end of 2017 and then couldn’t seem to let him go (not in a captive way, he's free to leave whenevs). However, it's safe to say that we threw him in the deep-end from the get go - when he simultaneously took on all our regular entertainment bookings, producing two FRINGE WORLD seasons AND our beloved Rosie O’Grady’s venue. But Vince was never going to surrender to a watery grave.. He strapped everything down and went head first into the storm, protecting the crew along the way - and even writing our first Emmanuel (venue manual) so all the crew knew what to do. We were relieved when it wasn't written in Spanish we must say. 

Before Vince came on board, his previous life involved graduating from a BA in Arts Management in 2010, undertaking his post-grad studies in Australian Migration Law and Practice, spending 2 years in London 'helping Poms escape', as well as 4 years working a myriad of roles in events (including being hustled in when companies were sinking to fix their proverbial ships).

When Vince was in Year 8 he broke both his arms at the same time and was assigned someone to carry his books. And we just want you to know, that we'd do that for you any day mate. He's also a DJ that can moonwalk forwards (yes he's available for weddings - come to think of it maybe we should make up a package for him & Sharron as the celebrant). We have assigned him as the office DJ - Vince Meat, and call on him for impromptu sets and strange technical questions.  

Long story short, we are very glad he washed up on our sandy shores when he did. 

Lake Bovell - Guardian of Coin

Lake is a boss events manager, business owner and community leader. She also makes sure we all git paid. And if we need a job done right such as Venue Managing during FRINGE WORLD venues etc - Lake is our first port of call. In 2017 she chased a drunk woman who stole a Gelo sign across Northbridge and returned it safe and sound… if that isn't flying the Gelo flag (literally) then we don't know what is. Obviously she was nominated (almost unanimously) to win Gelo's most prestigious ward - the Golden Nugget. 

There’s a lot more we could say about Lake, we’ll just hope you get the opportunity to share a yarn with her one day to truly understand why we are all in love with her.