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Here's a few of the guiding principles to how we work.
If you read them in Yoda Speak, profound they are.


Be Creative

Encourage staff and partners to find better ways, and new ways, to produce great stuff.

Look for a creative solution to a problem or a task as the first step. Question what has been done before, or invent a way to do it if it never has been.

Approach everything creatively: from day to day tasks and administration to our product offerings. 

There is inherent risk with creative solutions. Sometimes this means making a move without knowing if there will be a pay off. There is an expectation that our creative approaches will sometimes fail and that is part of the learning process. 

Failure is a great excuse to drink tequila and eat hot dogs at 2am though, so even when it doesn’t pay off, in a way it still pays off.

Be Ethical

Act with integrity, deliver on what is agreed and be transparent in discussion. 

When someone orders a pizza, they expect a pizza, don’t put it on flatbread and pretend you’re being fancy and charge them twice the price.

Deliver a fair outcome for all parties.

Have full transparency for all stakeholders within partnerships. 

Be Responsible

Be responsible to the triangle of stakeholders - the artists, the promoters and the audience for every project.

Don't leave any of them out, or undervalue their contribution.

Each stakeholder in this triangle needs to feel valued and feel like they are getting value, and not in a Homebrand way.

It's our job to make sure this happens and be clear to everyone about what the value is for them.

Otherwise, the triangle is just one or two lines trying to connect, and the metaphor is ruined, and no-one likes a ruined metaphor.


Be Responsive

Respond to changes in the industry and to new opportunities. 

Listen to feedback from artists, audience, and promoters and be aware of the shifts and changes in the landscape and be prepared to adapt. 

Re-evaluate systems and structure in line with changing business environments and be ready for anything apart from a Zombie Apocalypse.

If Zombies come, hug a loved one and prepare to die.

Be Accountable

Create and maintain systems and processes that are transparent. 

Promote and encourage professionalism and accountability in the industry.

Be Playful & Professional

Approach every task and project with both a playful spirit and professionalism at the same time. 

Everything in writing, with emojis.

 Be Funny

Funny is the beating heart of everything we do.
A performer or a project that is heartless is not for us.

Funny can be subjective, so funny can shift between people, but ultimately to be funny someone (somewhere) has to laugh at it. So if there isn't an audience for it that laughs and connects with it, then it's not funny and it's not our business.

No joke.

Be Knowledgeable

Know the who, what, why, where, when and how of all things comedy.

Actively connect people in the industry. 

Be a one-stop-shop for the industry and share our knowledge wherever we can.

Be generous with what we know and be open to learning new things.