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Pirates Ninjas Wizards is a workshop that teaches people to be creative and improvise solutions together. With years of experience in communication and comedy our facilitators are experts in their field. Participants will have a fun and memorable time while undoing bad habits and developing new skills. 

I have had more positive feedback about this team day than any other. Staff appreciated the opportunity to laugh while learning some valuable lessons.
— Wanslea Foster Care

Pirates are bold, Wizards are thoughtful and Ninjas are efficient.



Work environments are full of unique individuals trying to achieve the same goals. This workshop has been developed to engage with staff who need to work as a team, while also being focused on their own goals and roles.

Even though we naturally gravitate to one particular type, we all have the ability, and need, to embrace all three.

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Using improvisation as a model, we will break down the barriers of communication and embrace the unique voices in your team.

Through performance based exercises you will be problem solving, reframing how you communicate and understanding your colleagues with more clarity and cackling.

Your team will emerge with a better understanding what they bring to the table.

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Whether it's for 200 people or 10, let us know what's important to you and your team and we can recommend options that will work best. Our workshop facilitators come prepared with a format that tackles your workplace challenges adapts to the feedback in the room.

Our team absolutely loved this hilarious workshop, we had a great time learning more about each other and finding out who the Pirates, Ninjas and Wizards of the company are! Thank you Sam and the Gelo team!
— Carbon Business Group
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Something Else In Mind?

We get creative when it comes to customising.
Let us know what you goals are for your next conference, strategic session or event and we can customise a workshop for you.

We take our comedy seriously.