Getting Started in Stand-up

So you’ve been told you’re funny, you’re going through a mid-life crisis or you don’t know what else to do with your life so this might as well be it… whatever the reason you’re probably here because you’re thinking about doing comedy.

Stand-up comedy in particular.

Comedy comes in many forms but stand-up is often the most tangible, instant and commonly tried… but how do you get from sitting in front of this screen, to standing in front of an audience?

Here’s a few things that might be good to know.

1. Find an open mic room

Open mic stand-up means anyone (I’m looking at you kid) can get up and have a go. Perth has a good crop of open mic rooms.

A quick google or an email to us and you’ll have a few good contacts – Shapiro Tuesdays, Fremantle Comedy Factory and Infinite Jest are some of the ones that have been around a while.

The best way to contact them is usually by email, but it also helps to turn up to the room a few times and introduce yourself to the people who run it… you never know when a last minute spot can turn up.

2. Be patient

Sometimes getting a spot (especially when you’re new) can take months, yes months… and it might take a week or two before you even get a reply. Room Managers are dealing with sometimes up to 50-100 requests a week and it’s a lot to juggle.

So be patient, don’t badger them, be rude or tell them how good you think you’ll be… instead use the time you’re waiting to write / pace around your room with a pretend microphone or go watch as much local comedy as you can. There’s something on almost every night of the week.

3. Be grateful for your stage time, and use it

Rooms (particularly open mic rooms) are mostly run on love and goodwill, and they rely on people arriving on time, not cancelling last minute and doing their ‘time’ on stage (not going over). Stage time is like money, it doesn’t matter how much you have, you always want more and you can lose it faster than you’d think.

4. Be as funny as you can

Funny wins, every time.

5. Book another set

And repeat. Gig, gig and gig again. Ask for feedback (and be prepared to take it on board), support other comedians in the scene and get to know your comedy community.

Here’s some useful links to get you started
Join the unofficial WA Comedy Industry group to see what’s happening in the scene.
You can also ask for industry updates by joining up here or subscribe to our regular mailout for the latest updates around town.

Contact us anytime and we’ll help you with other queries too.