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Case study: Class Clowns WA

We just spent the last two and a bit years working with teenagers in comedy.
Let us tell you why.


Class Clowns WA mini-doco

We broke a record - for the first year 3 separate WA acts were chosen to compete in the National Grand Final for Class Clowns at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. The mini-documentary “Class Clowns” follows WA teen comedians Lynden Hughes, Farhan Anwar & Casey Clark being selected to compete in the National Grand Final of Class Clowns – as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018.


Famous Sharron Announces Tour to Sydney for No Reason At All

Famous Sharron, a proud ‘Perthonality’ and multi-award winning celebrity has announced her first ever Sydney tour.

Famous for nothing at all, Sharron will be touring for no reason at all.
She will be appearing at various events to make no announcements, and visiting multiple Sydney hotspots.

Famous Sharron Casual Glam

How to set up a comedy room


So the thought of hosting a regular comedy night or event has tempted you like the aroma of a pie, wafting from a windowsill?

Before you get started, it’s worth 3.14 (recurring) minutes of your time to have a read about comedy, pie puns, and the recipe for success. 

The Making of a Bogan Doco

Remember that time Bogan Bingo went viral but not in the usual way we go viral which involves a burning sensation and a quick trip down to the doctors. No this is when we went looking for Australia's Next Top Bogan and wound up with way more attention than we thought was possible. Luckily there was a doco crew on hand, the legends at Silver Squid Productions, that were able to capture the magic on camera. Have a look at how the audition process went down and how top Bogans Simmo n Moondog were able to weed out the true blue from the true dickhead. Special thanks to everyone involved in making this sweet short film and especially to all the bogans out there for making it possible!


Getting started in Stand-up Comedy

So you’ve been told you’re funny, you’re going through a mid-life crisis or you don’t know what else to do with your life so this might as well be it… whatever the reason you’re probably here because you’re thinking about doing comedy.


Gelo's job advert for 'Professional Bogan' goes viral

The Gelo team have a lot of fun in the office so we thought we'd have a bit of fun with our latest recruitment campaign on

It went viral.
In the good way.