What's this page about?

This is an online reference page of useful templates, and info for people who have attended a Gelo Workshop about being a professional MC.
If you would like any information discussed during the workshops added here please email bonnie@gelo.com.au

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Example Package

Using Packages to pitch for Bookings
When you are chatting to potential clients it's good to have standard rates and packages to offer clients.
You can still provide discounts or charge higher for customised options - but having standard options for clients gives you a starting point for discussion.
This also takes the stress out of quoting and provides them with a clear outline of what you can provide.

Your packages should clearly demonstrate
- your value (not your price points, but how you can be an asset for an event, how you can solve their problems / provide solutions for their event eg. providing original entertainment etc) 
- your experience (testimonials, logos of past clients etc)
- examples of you or your work (eg. photos or video are great).

You may not have all of these when you first start out, just put in what you do have as a start.
An example package for Famous Sharron is here.