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This is a resource for artists involved in the First Floor at HQ program as part of FRINGE WORLD 2017.
The First Floor HQ program is an independent All Ages program presented by
YMCA WA, Propel Youth Arts and The Gelo Company.

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Project Coordinator for the Elevator Program and central contact
Sean Smith - sean@gelo.com.au & 0437 999 233
For urgent contact cc in hello@gelo.com.au in case Sean is offsite

What is the Elevator Program?
A debut mentor and workshop program to support artists for their presentation in the First Floor program at HQ as part of Fringe World 2017.

What is First Floor?
The presentation program you guys are a part of! Ticket sales are live now through FRINGE WORLD and the whole program is listed via firstfloorhq.com.au/

Always feel free to shoot through questions, or ask us if we want a coffee delivered, we'll probably say yes...

 Useful References


Fringe World
FERS Login - ticket sales etc (shows that have paid rego only!)

Fringe World Tool Box
(You'll need to create a different login from FERS)

Fringe World Downloads

Social Media & Links
Program Website - http://www.firstfloorhq.com.au/  
YMCA HQ - https://www.facebook.com/ymcaHQ3/
Propel -  https://www.facebook.com/propelyouthartswa/
Gelo - https://www.facebook.com/gelothere

Fringe World Social Media
#fringeworld #perth
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fringeworld
Instagram http://instagram.com/fringeworldperth/

Industry Facebook Group(s)
Unofficial Perth Fringe World Producers and Performers

HQ First Floor Artist Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1047476505370168/

Deadlines & Dates - diaries please!
Keep an eye on these dates and deadlines

TICK - Monday 26th September - Event Registrations Due
TICK - Monday 3rd October - Event Details in FERS finalised
TICK - 8th December - Fringe World Program goes LIVE

UPCOMING - Date TBC - Promo Material due
UPCOMING - Date TBC - Tech Requirements due

10th January - Preferred Tech Run times confirmed
10th January - Script and Cue notes confirmed

20th January - 19th February FRINGE WORLD SEASON
27th - 29th - January - First Floor Opening Weekend

Elevator Workshop date summary
Laura Milke Workshops at HQ Gig Space  
1pm Tuesday 17 January & 6pm Wednesday 18 January 

Documents & Downloads

Access documents, logos and downloads.

Fringe World Logo
Fringe World Show Icons
First Floor Logos and First Floor Facebook Banner

Individual company logos  
YMCA HQ Logos 
Propel Logos 
Gelo Logo

Brand guidelines for the logos: as long as they are displayed in their complete form and not distorted they should be A-OK! 

Master Program of First Floor Events 

Listing - Event Websites

The Ultimate Checklist

First things first, have you filled in your availability for the Project Management workshop? Find the form HERE

Coming soon...a list things that are good to get done...

Useful Fringe World Toolbox Links 

We'll post the important updates in the Fringe World toolbox as we see them come up, but it's good to check it yourself as they update it regularly.

2016 October - Useful Marketing Resources

2016 October - Marketing & PR Cheat Sheet


News & Updates

MILKE Producing Workshops 2 x 90 minute workshops from a legend in the game - see http://www.milke.com.au/
1pm PERTH TIME Tuesday 17 January
6pm PERTH TIME Wednesday 18 January

Marketing workshop 
From Renata at PSquared - thanks for everyone that attended. Notes coming soon! 

First artist workshop - Getting Stuff Done!
Gelo will be hosting a Project and Task Management workshop to help you in the lead up to the FRINGE WORLD launch (and some general life stuff). Please submit your preferred availability HERE (multiple options totally OK) before Monday 14th November 5pm.   

Event Partners apply for funding
Event partners of the inaugural First Floor program have applied for funding for the Elevator project. If successfully funded, the Elevator project will implement a mentor program and additional workshops for artists involved in the First Floor program.

Poster & Flyer Design
Please forward any designs through to us for review before you send to print.
Ensure that the STYLE GUIDE from FRINGE WORLD is followed (page 12 of the Vol4. artist pack) and use the icons to brand your event as well as the Fringe World Logos.
Baker Creative are offering Graphic Design packages for you too http://bakercreative.com.au/design-packages

Poster & Flyer Info - Venue Location
YMCA HQ - 60A Frame Ct, Leederville WA

Flyer Printing
If you have an ABN you can register with CJ King for wholesale printing.
They are SUPER cheap for bulk printing – but you must order in advance - 

Otherwise check FRINGE WORLD's artist pack

Image tools - Useful Link(s)
If you need to reduce the size of your image use Tiny Jpeg https://tinyjpg.com/
If you need to crop, edit or use tools that Photo Shop would normally give you use https://pixlr.com/
Both are free!

Fringe World Embargo on promotions!
Remember that Fringe World doesn't go public until the 8th December 2016 Perth time, please don't post or publicly announce your season until that date!

Need a graphic designer to do your poster and flyer?
Gelo's graphic designers (Baker Creative) have put together a package for print and online collateral.
See more info about what they can offer below. 

How to subscribe to the Artist Newsletter
Make sure you subscribe for regular updates from Fringe World on artist specific updates.
1. Go to the below link, scroll down and to the right there's a purple box 'Click to Subscribe to Artist E-News'
2. Click and enter your details.