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DIY Comedy Workshops

Gelo's DIY Comedy Workshops are available for all-ages.
They are designed to be fun, supportive and accessible.

Each series is customised for your group; whether you just want to have some fun or want to build your comedy skills.

Check the free DIY Comedy Crash Course For Teens as part of FRINGE WORLD!


No experience is necessary. Our facilitators will guide participants through each stage of the workshop, building their skills and confidence as you go.


Our workshops teach people to be great communicators and have great outcomes for participants including

  • building confidence

  • listening skills

  • developing their capacity for teamwork

  • strengthening their speaking and presentation skills


We take the work out of workshops and get people laughing and feeling good about themselves. They are fun, memorable and enjoyable. 


Whether it's a one-off, a series or regular programming of workshops we'll work to find what's best for you. Our programs are designed to bring out the best of your participants - and we are happy to work to your timeline and budget.


There's multiple options on how we can work with you.
Here are a few of our most popular options - but feel free to chat to use if you have something else in mind.


Improv Sessions with
The Big HOO-HAA!

The Big HOO-HAA! players will teach you how to improvise; using formats that they use themselves to perform each week.

  • Lots of fun and interaction

  • Flexible for your participants to lead the direction

Sketch Writing

Designed to be delivered in consecutive sessions, sketch writing workshops will get participants to use their experiences and knowledge to generate characters, sketch ideas and comedy formats. They can also build to live performance or video sketch outcomes.

Stand-Up Comedy

Our stand-up workshops teach you the tools of the trade. How to find the funny, get your timing right and deliver it to an audience.
Participants will also be connected to opportunities to perform if they're up for it!

Something else in mind?

Get in touch if none of these float your boat, or if you want them done on a boat, or if you wish we'd stop talking about boats.

Or if you have something completely different you'd like us to have a crack at.

We take our comedy seriously.