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Craptastic Trivia – Perth’s Funniest Quiz Night

Forget the facts, this quiz night is all about fun.

Creative & Unique Quiz Nights

The questions are made up and so are the answers.
Not even Google can save you now.

Stand aside pop culture nerds and music buffs, finally there’s a quiz night for the people who don’t know anything! Craptastic Trivia is a night of fun and laughter that will change the way you see quiz nights for ever. It takes brains to know the answers, but it takes balls to invent them.

We loved the way the night ran, the banter from the MCs and ease of submitting responses by text (forget the days of racing your answer sheet to be marked). Most of all we had a great time making up witty answers to nonsense questions.
— Wilderness Society

Pure Entertainment

Craptastic Trivia is unlike any other quiz night you’ve been to before.

No more shrugging of shoulders, strumming of fingers or pretending to remember answers you don’t even know. Say goodbye to arguments over right or wrong answers, only guffaws over the good ones. 

Easy To Play

Your hosts come with everything they need. Each round is projected onto a screen, so answers are easy to read, and scores are fun to follow.

No pens or paper are required for this trivia show - just a mobile phone for each team, and away you go. 

A Quiz Night Unlike Any Other

Surprise yourself with how far your imagination can take you and your team-mates. Each round is unpredictable with more twists and turns than an Elvis movie.


Perth’s Leading Entertainment Company

Exclusive to The Gelo Company and developed by local professional comedians Sam Longley & Sean Walsh (from The Big HOO-HAA!), there is no other quiz night like Craptastic Trivia.

Combining quick witted hosts, online technology and your own hot air to create a unique entertaining experience, you’re sure to have a night to remember.

The rounds are fast and fun, with activities between rounds for those of us who enjoy making things, not just making crap up.