Bogan Bingo is here and ready to rock your suits off!

Hire our 'Professional Bogans' to make your next function unforgettable and make you a legend around the workplace.
With over a decade of experience delivering shows from Port Hedland to the United Kingdom, we cater to your needs, whether you want all the bells and whistles or more of a PC party time.

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As seen on The Project, Today Tonight, Sunrise and Daily Mail UK our performers are professional performers (and professional bogans) who will have you in stitches!

Our fully trademarked and unique Bogan Bingo format has been developed and refined with over a decade of experience to be robust, reliable and funny.

The Bogan Bingo hosts are professionals - they have found a formula that works and they stick to it.
— Rip It Up

Simple Set-up & Go

Don’t stress about which cable goes where, or how many speakers you need hooked up, we’ll take care of it all. Bogan Bingo comes to you and provides all their own field tested equipment.

Each performance is adapted to suit your venue and audience.

All we need from you is your rock star attitude.



Warnie isn’t the only one with pro ball handling skills, our ‘Professional Bogans’ turn your nanna’s favourite game into an interactive show. A great team building activity that gets your team talking and laughing with surprising outcomes and the energy of an evening event. There’s a bit of bogan in everyone, and we specialise in breaking it out, whilst still being as office appropriate as you want us to be.



Starting in Victoria over ten years ago, by the CEO-gan Daz himself, Bogan Bingo has grown to become one of the most successful, hilarious and uniquely Australian entertainment options around.

WA is the fastest growing region for Bogan Bingo, with a boganboom of over 180 shows a year, it’s one of the most popular comedy events booked across Australia, with 500 shows each year worldwide.

All ‘Professional Bogans’ are experienced comedians and performers, who know how to handle their balls, with a high standard of professionalism and all have graduated with horns from Daz’s Bingo School of Rock.

This is an unapologetic celebration of one of our most iconic national treasures; the true blue Aussie bogan.
— The Age