Team Building & Communication

Gelo's team building and communication workshops teach people to be creative, improvise and innovate together. Our facilitators are experts in communication for a living, and professional comedians. They will ensure your team has a hilarious and memorable time while they learn.


Our comedians make people laugh for a living and are expert facilitators.  Gelo workshops are humourous, practical and supportive; designed to bring out the best in your participants. There is no requirement for participants to perform in front of each other (although we won’t hold them back)!


When a room of people laugh together it means that for that one moment, they are all on the same page. Getting your team to laugh while they learn is a great way for them to absorb information and build rapport.


Any department, unit or team will be challenged - through humour - to gain insight to their colleagues and themselves. You'll never look at 'boring' Bill from accounts in the same way!


Whether it's for 200 people or 10, let us know what's important to you and your team and we can recommend options that will work best for you. Our workshop facilitators come prepared with a format that tackles your workplace challenges and work with the responses of the participants to adapt throughout.


There are multiple options on how we can work with you.
Here are a few of our most popular options - but feel free to chat to use if you have something else in mind.

Pirates, Ninjas & Wizards

All work environments are full of interesting characters and unique individuals who are all trying to achieve the same goals. They just have different ways of going about it.

Pirates are bold, Wizards are wise and Ninjas are efficient. And even though we all naturally gravitate to one particular type we all have the ability, and need, to embrace all three.

To get your Pirates, Wizards and Ninjas to be on the same quest and team requires a fundamental understanding of their differences and strengths. You need to be able to communicate effectively across different cultures. Distil the brash "Arrghh" of a Pirate, unravel the cryptic musings of the Wizard and understand that the silence of a Ninja is not weakness but strength. 

  • Break down the barriers of communication and embrace the unique voices in your group
  • A hands on workshop that will have you actively listening and engaging your team
  • Your team will emerge with a better understanding of who their allies are and what they bring to the table
  • Your team will be braver when tackling challenges, clearer in their communication and full of laughter
  • Get your pirates, wizards and ninjas on the same quest

He who laughs most, learns best.
— John Cleese - Monty Python
I have had more positive feedback about this team day than any other. Staff appreciated the opportunity to laugh while learning some valuable lessons.
— Wanslea Foster Care

Improvisation with The Big HOO-HAA!

The Big HOO-HAA! can help your team listen to their colleagues, share their own ideas with confidence, and say ‘yes’ to suggestions. And most importantly to work quickly and more effectively as a team.

  • Lots of fun and interaction
  • Flexible for your team to lead the direction
  • Optional for members of your team to performer at the end of the session

Company Song

A fun workshop that culminates in a live recording of a song created by the participants of your company.
Non singers need not fear; this workshop focuses on creativity and collaboration, not vocal technique.

The focus is in positivity and pride in the workplace. With full group exercises to explore creativity, communication and rhyme, then small group work in song writing to create a verse. 

  • A unique experience for your team
  • Reflect on your company identity, values and team in a creative and hilarious way
  • Come away with your own company song to keep and share

Something Else In Mind

We get creative when it comes to customising.
Let us know what you goals are for your next conference, strategic session or event and we can customise a workshop for you.

We take our comedy seriously.