Sense and Spontaneity
Entirely Improvised.
Entirely Austen.

Experienced improvisers take the style and references of Jane Austen and apply them to modern scenarios based on audience suggestions.


You don't have to be an Austen buff to be tittering along like Lydia Bennet. Awkward first dates, nightmare Tinder hook-ups, and epic first loves are given the 'Austen treatment', with all the airs and graces of the 18th Century.


Created and performed by (award winning) performers Esther Longhurst and Jess Mess, every performance is delivered with the grace and poise that can only come from over a decade of collaboration and professional experience. 


The format has been developed exclusively for Sense & Spontaneity. 
Each show is entirely improvised, making it a unique experience for your audience.

Well worth a visit by lovers of classic novels, millinery fans, stand-up comedy enthusiasts and devotees of the absurd twists and turns of intelligent improvisation.
— Australian Stage Review


Esther Longhurst and Jess Mess are two of Perth's premier improvisers and creative talents. Longhurst is a member of improvising troupe The Big HOO-HAA! and Mess is an award winning playwright, performer and director. Both are State Theatresports Champions!

Sense & Spontaneity is a collaboration between both performers that has enjoyed multiple sell out seasons at festivals across WA.

Come fall in love with this charming all-ages adventure full of bonnets, balls, romance and ridiculousness. 

Fast paced, long form comedic improvisation with a Jane Austen theme thrills dedicated fans and newcomers alike.
— Artshub Review

A Preview

Highlights and audience reviews from the Guildhall.

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