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If you're under 18 and want to keep updated about comedy in WA in general:
Email Rosie.

Get your community involved

Comedy teaches people of all ages to be great communicators, develops confidence and connects communities.

Here's the kicker, every community is different and so are the possibilities.

Have a read through and let us know what sparks for you, and any ideas that come to mind, give you a "Eureka!" moment of something else you'd like to see happen.

We also run workshop programs and major projects such as Class Clowns throughout the year. 

Connecting the community
Create spaces where kids can share ideas and have comedy hang-outs. Give a platform for kids to create content about the community they live in. They can be encouraged to build their content into tangible outcomesor commissioned to make them a reality - via music & video recording and more.

Connecting your community to industry
Give people the opportunity to see comedy in action, get backstage at a major event like Fringe World and see where the magic* happens and build networks through meeting professional comedians and producers.

* not magicians, that's not our thing.

Creating content about your community
Use professional comedians, improvisers and performers to create work that reflects the unique community you live or work in.
Here's an example that was created for Bike Week WA.


Do it your way
Get in touch with who you are and what you would like to see in your community. We'd love to hear from you and get back to every idea we receive. What's to lose?

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