First Floor at HQ 

Debut all ages FRINGE WORLD program 2017! 

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YMCA HQ in Leederville will host a vibrant cross-section of emerging creative forces flowing freely through time and space, across multiple art forms and performance spaces throughout the legendary facility.

Opening weekend
FIRST FLOOR @ HQ: BLOCK PARTY is the opening weekend showcase for the brand new FIRST FLOOR @ HQ initiative, an all-ages Fringe World spotlight for fresh homegrown talents.
Tickets via FRINGE WORLD

FIRST FLOOR at HQ: EXHIBITIONS is presented as part of FIRST FLOOR @ HQ, a new all-ages Fringe World spotlight for fresh homegrown talents, taking place at YMCA HQ in Leederville. This totally free visual arts exhibition showcases new works created by a rotating group of featured young artists, including:

Performance seasons
And a whole bunch of amazing artists running their own performances seasons!



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